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The most advanced control system on the market today allowing the control of the evaporative coolers from a PC,Tablet or Smartphone as well as knowing the efficiency and the maintenance requirements.

Smart City Cooler allows remote access, the use of smart phones or tablets for programming, the display of operating parameters and unit performance, historical data download, alarm management and maintenance notifications ... are just some of the functions of this innovative control system. Compatible with Breezair units thanks to the availability of conversion kits.

What does the Smart City Cooler offer?

  • Remote control inside and outside your facilities that enables optimum use of the air handler units.
  • It ensures the optimum performance of units, reporting in real time on the existence of errors and the output temperature.
  • It saves maintenance costs and response time of the service to users thanks to the technical help without a physical visit when not necessary.
  • It saves time in maintenance and improves the service to users since it enables remote detection of errors before being run.
  • It enables operation to be automated, specifying the temperature and limiting the humidity to maximums and even minimums.
  • It records historical data that lets you control in detail the results obtained.
  • It optimises water use thanks to its freecooling function when external conditions are favourable for forced ventilation.
  • It lets you link to a BMS or PLC using modbus TCP/IP protocol.
  • It enables operational setting in all variables, adapting the solution fully to the needs of each application and to users.
  • As well as remote control, the system has a physical control panel in the customer installation to facilitate handling of the units locally, as well as operation and control for roof maintenance.


We live in the Digital Age. The Internet of things is becoming increasingly implemented in a greater number of items and services that we use every day. Technology has changed the way we do things. We do not communicate in the same way we used to. We now work in a different way to how earlier generations did. We even often enjoy our leisure interactively.

At Biocool we have always taken innovation in eco-air cooling into account in all our products. The best example is Advanced Control Smart City Cooler integrated into our cooling system, which creates efficient air coolers, the best on the market.

Advanced Control Smart City Cooler helps maintenance of Biocool evaporative systems, enabling remote control of cooling systems and optimising performance of evaporative coolers. All of this is done easily, simply and with a highly significant energy reduction that translates into an increase in profitability in companies that use this cooling system.


 HVAC systems

Optimising the performance of evaporative system maintenance from your tablet, PC or smartphone is within your reach. You need only trust in the devices included in our varied catalogue of products using innovation in Advanced Control Smart City Cooler eco-air cooling thanks to its versatile integrated technology.

This is the most advanced system on the market designed in modbus protocol. Using it, our customers can:

  • Programme for humidity and/or temperature using three preestablished programmable modules
  • Precooling system before start-up to avoid introducing hot air
  • Filter drying prior to shutdown to maximise hygiene
  • Programming for daily operation with up to eight weekly events
  • External temperature and humidity sensor
  • Programme drainage with adjustable time
  • Recovery of operational parameters in the event of power cuts
  • Handle units individually or in a group using the remote control
  • Identification of failures and source
  • Enable limits on humidity introduced that influences atmospheric conditions.

Evaporative eco-air cooling is an HVAC technique based on a physical principle we observe in nature every day: the sea breeze. This is the cooling of air when it circulates in contact with a body of water, due to the water evaporating, thereby reducing its temperature and increasing air humidity, with no energy or enthalpy variation. So it achieves transformation of the sensible heat (temperature) of the air, into latent heat (humidity).

Advanced Control Smart City Cooler by Biocool provides all of these advantages in its cooling systems. Innovation in eco-air conditioning is our best advertisement. Our years of experience as leaders in the sector and our customers’ satisfaction are our hallmark. Find out more with no obligation. Here you have the best and most efficient air coolers.